Work Package 7

Dissemination and transfer of knowledge

Dissemination activities:

Publications on international scientific Journals, conferences and seminars

Dedicated web site.


Evaluation questionnaire at the end of the fellowship.


Description of work

Task 7.1 Dissemination: publications and dissertations (Task leader IPM, other participants ALL)

•         Publications on international scientific journals on glass and ceramic materials

•         Oral and poster presentations to international conferences

•         Publication of results on GlaCERCo website

•         All publications and the website will report the following sentence: “The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA-Research Executive Agency  and it participates to a Marie Curie Action”.

Task 7.2 Management of IPR (Task leader POLITO, other participants ALL)

The Consortium Agreement will address issues such as appropriate management of knowledge in the sense of protection of know-how and more generally of any knowledge and relevant intellectual property rights in any way resulting from the project, according to Part C of Annex 2 of the FP7 Grant Agreement. At the beginning of their assignment all early stage researchers, experienced researchers and visiting researchers, have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, regarding all research activities, if specifically requested by the host institutions.

Task 7.3 Workshops (Task leader POLITO, other participants ALL)

During the 4 years of activity the partners will organize:

•         4 GlaCERCo Network-wide workshops