Work Package 6

Recruitment and training

The training will be focused on the design, synthesis and characterization of new glasses, glass-ceramics and composites for high technological applications. The proposed research training project intends to train researchers who will be skilled in creative, independent problem solving under time and resource constraints typical of a scientific and technical working environment in continuous contact with the industrial world.

The recruitment of researchers will be based on selection criteria, vacancies strategies and equal gender opportunity.


Description of work

Task 6.1 Training events (Task leader POLITO, other participants ALL)

•         1 Summer School which will consist of lectures on design, development and validation of glass and composite materials: theoretical lectures will be implemented by detailed description of case studies and short training of specific experimental techniques.

•         2 International Project Management Workshops

Task 6.2 Recruitment (Task leader POLITO, other participants ALL)

The Educational Board and the scientist in charge of the activity will coordinate the strategy for the recruitment which will be based on:

Selection criteria made on the basis of scientific merit and excellence of the trainees.

Vacancies strategies: the advertisements of the available positions will be sent to most important academic, research centres institution as well as published on GlaCERCo webpage, Marie Curie website and web page of the host institution.

Equal opportunity measures for male and female researchers

Processing of glasses and glass-ceramics (Centro Ricerche Colorobbia)